Canada Wide Protest September 1st

Canada Wide Protest September 1st

Please Join The Nurse-Led walkout against the mandates, the “Vaccine Passports” at Vancouver General Hospital on September 1st, 1pm. Organized by Canadian Frontline Nurses.

If you do not want your boss controlling your personal body, mandating what injections you get, leave the office that day, leave your job to show up and protest against this clear evil, 100% enslavement of people by big business and other feudal-lord wannabe’s.

Vancouver General Hospital, September 1st, 2021, 1pm.

Do not fear, together we are strong. The polling data like everything else in the media has been manipulated. There is no great desire for these mandates, it is all a lie, the media are highlighting the most hysterical voices while censoring and suppressing the reasonable voices, those with doubts.

We are stronger than the media wants you to believe. Don’t take it from the distorting, power-tripping, clickbait media anymore.

Show up, Protest, Take Back Your Life, Protect The Future

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