The Uniter, Volume 1, Edition 3

The Uniter, Volume 1, Edition 3

Liberal Globalist Grifter Seeks Unlimited Power

Grift: ways of getting money dishonestly that involve tricking someone. The liberals like using our compassion against us, a weapon they wield to guilt or dupe the gullible. Like saying you are all about racial harmony, respect but did do blackface once, Or twice or three times, or you know what, maybe a few times, not sure, depends if anyone took photos. Or maybe grabbing chicks asses but claiming to be feminist and if a chick complains, ‘Hey guess she experienced different than me, my bad all good now. It’s me, it’s okay, you can trust me if I grab a woman’s ass, just not the other guys’ sort of thing.

Liberals appear in every party they are in to be more accurately the Grifter Party of Canada, where greed is good and the highest value they have…for themselves at everyone else’s expense. Willing to say anything to preserve their greedy grifting.

The Most divisive, lying Prime Minister in Canadian History who has PAID OFF THE MEDIA, turning a news industry that already was addicted to corporate profits into corrupt government mouthpieces beholden to bureaucracy, has called a Federal Election for September 20th, 2021.
The Uniter is determined to help Canadians preserve their democracy, their liberties and freedoms which the greedy grifters in the Liberal Party of Canada want to remove from you, permanently. The Uniter wrote this in 2016:

Have secrets of people in high places that others should know about?

Don’t Be A CupcakeSlave


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The Uniter Wants You!

We are dedicated to telling the truth about reality. No comfortable lies that others use to mislead people.
Often truth-telling and reporting are in conflict with sales, generating funds. We want to forever preserve and promote knowledge, which must be free.
We have seen independent media devolve into the same thing they claim corporate media does, chasing profits over informing the public. We do not want to do that.
Sure you can donate, subscribe but The Uniter needs a team to handle that, separate from editorial.
We may be only starting but ground floor opportunities are always good in these things.
Want to make money by generating money, preserving democracy, rights, promoting Truth, Honesty, Safety and Prosperity? Be the visionary that makes it happen:

Coming Soon: The Link Between Smoking Tobacco and Smoking Crack – The Same Thing, Same Addiction, Both Users Are Crackheads

The World Will Be A Better Place When Everyone Can Make Free, Informed Choices, Based On All The Facts

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