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System May Be Corrupt, Broken But We Need Each Other

Generate Revenue

If you have the skills, the knowledge, the determination to do sales, the intelligence the advanced cultural understanding that without sales, nothing happens. Without communications, without asking for something, nothing gets done., you know this. ou are dedicated to making a great living by helping others generate revenue, you taking a nice slice of the revenue for yourself.

We need the regular donation thing happening, monthly, one-off etc as well as real ad sales if you are interested. Be great to put ads on print pieces, videos, etc. especially for local businesses who need a way to share their voices in an era of increasing only-government-approved media talking points.

Our growth potential is very large, perhaps larger than anything that seems possible right now. Corporate media, corporate government has betrayed us all for a few dollars more, so they, those who have power over others can be lazier tomorrow than they were today.

We cannot allow them to smear the honorable pursuit of business, to destroy the very idea of markets with their greed. Being mercantile, merchant-oriented does not mean you have to be hostile to the local population, hostile to those who help you make money, your employees. Slavery and slave culture is not business, it is thuggery, piracy disguised as business.

Help us grow, generate income for us both. Want to make money by generating money, preserving democracy, rights, promoting Truth In Media, Reporting, Open & Free Discussion? Set up donations, etc. to earn an income yu can be proud to have.

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