Maxime Bernier & The PPC, Lying Pieces Of Shit

So I applied to be a candidate but the PPC turns out to be a scam, just another re-branded “Christian Heritage” Party, which really is just Christian Fascist, Christian Terror or a Christian Supremacist Party. These are the same type of people who killed those First Nations children we have learned about in 2020. No difference in ideology or outcomes. Same thing, forced religious dogma through the pain of punishment and/or death.. Be a Christian or die, be tortured, like the symbol of their hatred the cross, seems to be about right to me, in terms of the PPC. Crosses publicly displayed are threats to others saying if you do not behave like a Christian, you will be tortured. It is a slave-based ideology that Maxime Bernier is pushing.

Don’t think so? Then why has there been no Leadership Conventions? No ability to find a better leader, hmm? Scared of the competition? Maxime is weak and like all weak men, is greedy and selfish, frightened of other better men. Cannot abide those who might better than them, cowards? That is Maxime Bernier and the PPC, frightened of those who are smarter and better than they are, pathetic.

Here is the PDF of the press release I sent when it became clear the PPC was a scam, their local BC organizer Naomi Chocyk and/or head office lying to push what may be her boyfriend or a potential boyfriend to run, denying me the ability to run for Parliament, contest the nomination. I am very upset with this because the PPC made claims about what they stand for but it is all lies. The PPC is just an ego project by Bernier who is using our crisis to try to gain power so he can simply be a selfish, greedy prick.

In fact I would call his party the Max’s Penis Party of Canada, because it is seemingly in part all about Maxime’s ability to find girls with big tits to hang around with, it seems.

I am dedicated to ensuring the foul and straight-up evil Liberal Party is vanquished in this election but we also must acknowledge there are no good actors politically in the Federal government parties. Maxime Bernier is my enemy now and the enemy of all normal Canadians, the enemy of all people on Earth who seek democracy and I will seek to destroy him as much as I seek to destroy Trudeau. Both must be terminated, politically.

Here are the pdf pages from the Press Release.

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