Something Special From Massive Anti-Mandate Vancouver BC Protest

Something Special From Massive Anti-Mandate Vancouver BC Protest

Have something special ready from today’s march, girl singing on the first bridge we marched across. You tell me if I lie.

I have never been to such a march ever in Vancouver and i have been to a few. We all came together at VGH on 12th, stuck around then went to Cambie and 12th, City Hall, stayed there for a while, then marched down Cambie across the bridge to Beatty then Robson then the Art Gallery then down to Pender or Hastings a bit of blur right now, then back to Robson via Thurlow back to Art Gallery up Granville, over the Granville bridge back Cambie and 12th then finally ending at VGH and 12th where we started.
More video later, I have hours of it. Yeah lots of people. Lots and very ‘diverse” but very BC crowd – hippies, people who like riding motorcycles, families, good looking girls and women who likely figured out where all the good men are, etc.


Video Tech 411: New link, youtube deleted high def versions except 360 when I used the trim editor and changed the thumbnail on yt.

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