The IPCC Stats Scam

The IPCC Stats Scam

How much Power does any country have over the Earth?

If we are talking about Global Carbon Emissions, should we not determine how much of the Earth each country controls in order to dole out emissions reductions?

If this is a planetary emergency or even just a planetary issue, then countries can only be responsible for the territories that depend upon them, what a country controls. How much of the Earth a country controls must determine their responsibility for stewarding their part of the world.

When you delve into the statistics provided by IPCC and their partners a very disturbing picture appears. Those countries said to be the worst emitters are in fact some of the best ones when it comes to how much of the planet they are responsible for governing.

Using statistics from sources like the World Resources Institute and the United Nations Statistics Division to determine what area of the Earth a country controls, a far different picture emerges than the one that has been pushed by the IPCC.

Using misdirection via statistics,the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s shell game hurts good actors while rewarding bad ones by ignoring the most important fact of any country: How much of the Earth does a country control?

All the countries in the world control approximately 51,313 thousand miles2 of the Earth.
The IPCC states that we need to get to 49% of 2017/2018 levels of CO2. 

Current worldwide emissions are approximately 45,454.15 metric tons of CO2/year.

Projected target is 22,272.53 metric tons of CO2/year.

So the planetary target is to only produce .434 metric tons of CO2 per thousand square miles per year, or .434 Mt CO2/1000 miles2.
22,272.53 Mt CO2 ÷ 51,313 1000 miles2 = 0.434052384386023 Mt CO2/1000 miles2.

Canada currently only produces .191 Mt CO2/1000 miles2. Many countries are all good right now. Any regulatory focus should be on those whose numbers are above the desired rate of .434 Mt CO2/1000 miles2 per year.

Worst countries based upon area of control. Data can be found on the “Percentage Area of Control of the Earth” tab of this Google Sheet:

  1. Singapore 176.67 Mt CO2/1000 miles2
  2. Bahrain 110 Mt CO2/1000 miles2
  3. Kuwait 28 Mt CO2/1000 miles2
  4. Malta 24.59 Mt CO2/1000 miles2
  5. Qatar 20.75 Mt CO2/1000 miles2
  6. Barbados 20 Mt CO2/1000 miles2
  7. South Korea 18.77 Mt CO2/1000 miles2
  8. Grenada 15.04 Mt CO2/1000 miles2
  9. Trinidad & Tobago 13 Mt CO2/1000 miles2
  10. Netherlands 11.69 Mt CO2/1000 miles2
  11. Israel 11.25 Mt CO2/1000 miles2
  12. Luxemburg 11 Mt CO2/1000 miles2
  13. Brunei 9.5 Mt CO2/1000 miles2
  14. Belgium 9.42 Mt CO2/1000 miles2
  15. Japan 8.97 Mt CO2/1000 miles2
  16. Maldives Mt CO2/1000 miles2
  17. Mauritius Mt CO2/1000 miles2
  18. United Arab Emirates Mt CO2/1000 miles2

According to the IPCC, the following countries are ranked as the worst planetary emitters. China number 1 worst, USA 2nd, etc. according to promoted IPCC statistics. I’ve added their Real World Ranking Numbers based upon how much of the Earth they control, on the “IPCC Ranking Ignoring Country Geography” tab of the same Google Sheet as above. So China, though bad is only 29th worst in world, the USA 52nd, Canada 152nd out of 183 countries tabulated in the sheets.

29th not 1st: China 3.43 Mt CO2/1000 miles2
52nd not 2nd: United States of America 1.71 Mt CO2/1000 miles2
36th not 3rd: India 2.26 Mt CO2/1000 miles2
118th not 4th: Russia .40 Mt CO2/1000 miles2
15th not 5th: Japan 8.97 Mt CO2/1000 miles2
130th not 6th: Brazil .32 Mt CO2/1000 miles2
20th not 7th: Germany 6.60 Mt CO2/1000 miles2
77th not 8th: Indonesia 1.01 Mt CO2/1000 miles2
152nd not 9th: Canada .19 Mt CO2/1000 miles2
79th not 10th: Mexico .95 Mt CO2/1000 miles2
63rd not 11th: Iran 1.38 Mt CO2/1000 miles2
7th not 12th: South Korea 18.77 Mt CO2/1000 miles2
150th not 13th: Australia .20 Mt CO2/1000 miles2
96th not 14th: Saudi Arabia .66 Mt CO2/1000 miles2
23rd not 15th: United Kingdom 5.81 Mt CO2/1000 miles2
75th not 16th: South Africa 1.08 Mt CO2/1000 miles2
46th not 17th: France 1.78 Mt CO2/1000 miles2
30th not 18th: Italy 3.63 Mt CO2/1000 miles2

The Paris Accords seek to control how hot the Earth will be in the future by reducing the release of CO2 into the sky. Each country is tasked with reducing their emissions using measurements made by bodies like the World Resources Institute.

Every instance of CO2concentration is referenced in one of three ways: overall CO2for a country; CO2per person in a country; or CO2 per GDP dollars of a country. The problem is they say the temperature of the Earth as an entire planet is going up due to the release of CO2by country but none of these countries are then properly situated on Earth.

Statistically, we are not being shown how much space on Earth these countries control. When you do that, a far different picture emerges than the one we are being sold. A country cannot control how much GDP is generated nor how many people produce offspring, live or die within its borders. I’m sure they would all love to but the only thing a country can truly control is its borders, its size on the planet Earth.

When you do an analysis of emissions per area of control of the planet that an individual country controls, the worse emitters are none of the advanced economies. Smaller countries turn out to emit far more hydrocarbons per area than the large Western ones. I have included a spread sheet using 2017 and 2018 emissions data paired with countries and dependencies by area.

The top ten worst countries from worst per area emissions in the world by a very large factor are Singapore, followed by Bahrain, Kuwait, Malta, Qatar, Barbados, South Korea, Grenada, Trinidad & Tobago, Netherlands. Canada is 152 out 184 countries, America is appropriately 52, China 29, Russia 118, and India 36. Large emitters near the top worst emitters per area of control are Japan at 13 and Germany at 20.

So then we have to ask, why have we not seen this analysis, the numbers behind the data by those pushing this idea globally upon us? In my opinion it is because this whole Climate Change hysteria is actually a global guilt game. A misdirection meant to constrict and reduce the capabilities of the winners in the war between civilizations that occurred in previous centuries.

The UN is composed of all the countries in the world and most of them are not democracies but some form of feudal dictatorship or tyranny. Countries like ours are an ever-present existential threat to every single country which does not have free speech nor free elections. Our very existence is a threat to the power of these tyrants.

They cannot attack us openly with arms as they do their own people who disobey them so they use institutions like the UN to engage in small battles to take bites out of our societies to see them fail. Hurting someone to get ahead of them is a dictator, feudal society way of doing things.

The only way they know how to get ahead in these primitive countries is to attack others, bring others down instead of just lifting themselves up. The IPCC is being used as a missionary weapon against more developed countries.

Look at China, Mao, the people, they slaughtered the smart people, made those with intelligent education into criminals to lift themselves above them, thuggishly. And they were not the first in history doing so on a mass scale. This is a theme throughout the third world, in communist systems and other places that have yet to move away from feudal systems but are firmly entrenched in blocks on world bodies.

Canadians, Americans, Europeans, other advanced civilizations are used to sacrificing and paying our dues, even paying more to help others.

We can no longer afford to be naive, though. We must be firm, we will do our part but we can only take responsibility for what we control, our part of the Earth.

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