You Know Who Are The Bad Actors In Your Leadership

Send us an email with the details to We will strip your personal identifying details from any information you want us to report, to spread widely. We will find a way to inform others free from big tech censorship. Which is being used to enslave all of us who do not already have fabulous financial wealth, if you hadn’t noticed yet. Truth, Honesty, Safety, & Prosperity, we want the same things. Send email to:

Sign up for a Proton Email account if you are concerned about retaliation from the brass. Download the Tor Browser to mask your activity online, preventing them from spying on you while you write the email if you are particularly concerned about such things. Otherwise just send the emails as, unless you are attacking me in some manner, I won’t be giving out your personal details.

Bad things happen when good men and women do nothing. Laziness in leadership is corrosive to all of society.

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