VPD Chief Adam Palmer Is Corrupt And Must Be Publicly Removed From Active Duty
Original Photo John Lehmann/The Globe and Mail Composition By The Uniter

VPD Chief Adam Palmer Is Corrupt And Must Be Publicly Removed From Active Duty

Filed a complaint against the VPD with the OPCC, Office Of The Police Complaints Commissioner, second time against the VPD.

Here is the Complaint I filed along with contacts at the bottom for Vancouver City Hall to demand Chief Palmer be removed from active duty. There was one set of typos in original complaint, ‘IPCC’ should have been ‘OPCC’ in two places, email sent to OPCC informing them of that.

Filed On August 11, 2021
Vancouver Police arrived at approximately 7:50pm on August 10, 2021 at the apartment building I live in for an incident which I called them that took place earlier in the day where a neighbor became enraged, attacked me, my bicycle, broke my headphones, a yogurt container which then spilled into the inside of my bicycle bag. He clearly attacked me, destroyed my property over a door sign dispute.

I spoke to the two constables, Benjamin Lewis VA-3056 and Ryan Schellinck VA-2974 from the 2nd floor balcony while they were on the ground below in front, about what occurred earlier: the attack, the destruction of property, then later what to me are clear death threats after I went outside to record him about the attack when the assailant returned to the building. I agreed they should come up to my apartment to watch the video where 202 made threats against me in. Video below, time stamps for threats etc at YouTube.

They spent approximately 15 to 20 minutes with me then said they would speak to 202. They left my apartment, I closed the door then I heard them lightly knock on 202’s door, I am 201. I then went back to the front of my apartment, away from the door. Within a minute I saw their police cruiser start then depart from the area. They did not speak to him even though he was inside apartment. This caused a lot of stress to me as they clearly lied to me, were not going to even speak to him after what he did. Once again put me in harms way due to HRT complaints against the VPD/CoV #CS-001979, and one against Chief Palmer personally, #CS-002963. Seemingly also once again retaliating against me for making that complaint against the VPD to the OPCC back in 2016, 5-10 West 12th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V5Y 1T5, for not doing anything after a squatter also attacked me in the foyer of my then apartment. Same thing, again but worse given it has happened more than once now.

John Lehmann/The Globe and Mail https://www.theglobeandmail.com/canada/british-columbia/article-20-questions-with-vancouver-police-chief-adam-palmer/
Vancouver Chief Const. Adam Palmer. Photo by VPD conference /PNG

I called the Police Non-Emerge line to get file number and complain. The caller said a Sergeant would call me back. I did receive a voice mail at 11:11pm, see next paragraph. I also called 911 as I was distressed at the thought of this guy attacking me, breaking my stuff the police doing nothing, expecting me to just be attacked and have my stuff destroyed with no consequences. They are actively encouraging violence against me while if I retaliated against those attacking me, they would arrest me, not these guys based what they have been doing with me. No one was protecting me very distressful so I called 911 to tell them they let this guy attack me, destroy my property then did nothing, actively lied to me about what they were going to do. Then based on the call from the VPD Sergeant, 100% clearly lied.

Voicemail from VPD Sergeant saying they could not contact the assailant when he was simply in the apartment next door, they chose, actively, not to knock hard on his door.

https://odysee.com/@Michael:27/Out-Unknown-Contact-(Private-Number)-23-36-16-10-08-2021:0The next morning, today, August 11th, I uncovered a link between Chief Palmer and one of the responding Constables, Ryan Schellinck VA-2974. VPD Twitter: https://twitter.com/vancouverpd/status/1337169550224150533 Screenshot of Tweet.

They should have talked to him, charge him, give a Judge the chance to rule. These incidents are causing a lot of problems for me accepting any authority, including the Court’s even though I come from a place which places Courts at the top of everything. They are causing violence and chaos in society.

At one point in the video above 202 is clearly saying I should go downstairs to fight him, while say no, restraining myself. While he has his little, innocent dog with him. Which he had with him when he attacked me. This is not a person who is credible nor safe, while he made accusations me of being unsafe. The two constables claimed I was provoking him when I was upset at the attack, having my property destroyed and then later finding out they did nothing, lying about the ability to talk to assailant. The VPD enjoy creating stress and harm to me.

I know a lot about violence. I have taken blows, attacks from people since my early 20’s without retaliating, being attacked by stupid people because they see tv/movie violence but do not understand what real violence is, I DO: https://www.theglobeandmail.com/opinion/i-was-a-teenage-thug/article727054/ I tell them not to attack me again or they will make me angry AFTER THEY HIT ME, or explain to them what I could do if they engage physically with me again, trying to educate them on the stupidity of violence, their complete ignorance as to what actual violence is and does.

I am small man, with no weight to me so I cannot simply physically restrain people who attack me, I must maim or cripple them to stop them as they are larger and physically stronger than me. I have no other choices when attacked. As a short man, I am actively intimidated, bullied and harassed almost every single day in some way. I cannot allow people in my building to attack me, to destroy my property without consequence. What happens in the future, what future thing will the people here use violence against me for? I have no idea but I know I cannot trust the VPD to defend me nor society’s interests. Chief Palmer is corrupt and must be publicly removed from active duty.

Canada was supposed to stop violence, prevent violent revolution yet the VPD are actively promoting violent rebellion with their behaviour, their corruption.

Again, for emphasis, Chief Palmer is corrupt and must be publicly removed from active duty.

Tikva Housing is also claiming I am in the wrong for this and again seeking to make me homeless, as they appear to also be behind the harassment towards me. I will be filing complaints with their professional licensing bodies for sending me a notice while allowing these residents to cause severe disruptions to me, noise at night, during day for months, well over a year or more of ongoing harassment, 202 to attack me. destroy my property, death threats from 101 and 202, yeah but I am wrong for getting upset over their horrible behaviour, recording these people, catching them being abusive. They and the police do not want me recording and exposing their wrong-doing.

Please call or email city council demanding Chief Palmer be removed from active duty

Mayor Kennedy Stewart 604 873-7621 kennedy.stewart@vancouver.ca
Councillor Rebecca Bligh 604-873-7249 CLRbligh@vancouver.ca
Councillor Christine Boyle 604-873-7242 CLRboyle@vancouver.ca
Councillor Adriane Carr 604-873-7245 CLRcarr@vancouver.ca
Councillor Melissa De Genova 604-873-7244 CLRdegenova@vancouver.ca
Councillor Lisa Dominato 604-873-7248 / 604-754-7290 (cell) CLRdominato@vancouver.ca
Councillor Pete Fry 604-873-7246 CLRfry@vancouver.ca
Councillor Colleen Hardwick 604-873-7240 CLRhardwick@vancouver.ca
Councillor Sarah Kirby-Yung
604-873-7247 CLRkirby-yung@vancouver.ca
Councillor Jean Swanson 604-873-7243 CLRswanson@vancouver.ca
Councillor Michael Wiebe 604-873-7241 CLRwiebe@vancouver.ca

City Manager Paul Mochrie 604-873-7625 paul.mochrie@vancouver.ca

Legal Services and City Solicitor Francie Connell 604-873-7413 francie.connell@vancouver.ca

You Can Print Out This Poster, PDF here, or a JPG Here to distribute yourself if you want.

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