Special VPD Union Edition: Corrupt Vancouver Police Chief Adam Palmer
Original Photo John Lehmann/The Globe and Mail Composition By The Uniter

Special VPD Union Edition: Corrupt Vancouver Police Chief Adam Palmer

Hey, hey, ho, ho, he’s got to go!

Dear Union Members, we know you hate having OPCC complaints filed, or any complaint really, applied to your fellow constables. There is no choice. Society is breaking down, you can see it, you know it. It’s not from stressed out poor or soon to be poor middle class people, it is from the supposed “leaders” whose only real ethos is CYA, cover your ass, as they do the bidding of greedy egomaniacs. Spinning their selfishness as “safety”, using security not as a thing we should all have but a weapon to keep corrupt powers in power, to destroy any criticism of their lunatic, power-tripping madness.

Let’s Talk About The Incident on August 10th, 2021

When I was walking up the stairs with my bicycle, the assailant was waiting for me up the stairs. Standing still with his dog, directly in the entrance of hallway doorway. He knew I was coming inside with the bike as he could see me riding my bicycle to the apartment building after shopping, given the way his unit looks out to the street. He was waiting for me to walk up the stairs on purpose, he wanted to create conflict, to attack me. And he did.

Then the two constables did their corruption, denying basic facts, clearly lying in ways that are not acceptable in policing.

The residents are religious fanatics, anti-social, in some cases anti-Canadian, I have video, fundamentalists who act collectively, who have been proven to lie and make false complaints against me for years now. All proven to be false or defended against by me as false claims. But they have or had a police liaison through Jewish Family Services, who may be advising them on ways to annoy or goad me, to attack, to provoke me to then try to evict me after I respond to their behaviour, their harassment against me.

Human Rights Complaint Against Adam Palmer

Case number CS-002963. He befriended me on Linkedin. Twitter suspended my account so I sent him a message on Linkedin, telling me it was bumming me up, censoring my voice, same thing that led to me being on the Burrard Bridge in 2018. I did not say I was killing myself or anything like that, just to contact twitter to tell them to reverse the damn thing. And if not then he should then get the fuck off my Linkedin, stop pretending to be my friend, to fuck off if he did not talk to Twitter on my behalf. Instead he called the mental health unit to make more false accusations, to tell me, to have the nurse and one of his goon constables to literally tell me not to send messages to him like that. Can’t do it himself? Has to use taxpayer dollars to do so, taking valuable resources away from people who actually need it? Adam Palmer is totally corrupt and abusive.

Why Are The Residents, Tikva, JFS Doing These Lies, The Harassment?

I complained about not being able to grow cannabis in my suite which any other normal Canadian now has the right to do, years ago while they were trying to force me to tend to gardens growing other plants. I have debilitating chronic pain and cannot safely do it for other people. I made it clear I would go on a public campaign to embarrass the directors and supporters of these organizations, particularly those connected to media arts, the industry I spent many years in, in many places, working. I would go on a hunger strike, a campaign to ensure we all have rights.

Then they made a false claim I was trying to kill myself after I agreed to mute the campaign online. I took down the campaign, then they called to make a false police complaint I was about to harm myself. I am never stopping going after these foul people and their evil, anti-Canadian ethos and behavior. The evidence is very, very clear there was no threat to me, my life, they knew what was up but decided to try to stop me from exercising my political and speech rights through a false police complaint.

I know some of you are hardcore believers who think if only everyone believed the way you believed society would be great! Well, we have had thousands of years of history that proves that wrong. Some thrive in slavery, others do not. Did you know our Human Rights were and often are created in response to religious tyranny, bigotry? That the word bigot is associated with strong abrahamic religious belief as they teach hatred of others, hell, damnation, etcetera? No matter what they or you say, the actions against us are hate against those of us who worship and revere Nature. They or you seek to destroy us. I will not allow that.

You Know Who Are The Bad Actors In Your Leadership

Send us an email with the details. We will strip your personal identifying details from any information you want us to report, to spread widely. We will find a way to inform others free from big tech censorship. Which is being used to enslave all of us who do not already have fabulous financial wealth, if you hadn’t noticed yet. Truth, Honesty, Safety, & Prosperity, we want the same things. Send email to: HushHush@TheUniter.com

Sign up for a Proton Email account if you are concerned about retaliation from the brass. Download the Tor Browser to mask your activity online, preventing them from spying on you while you write the email if you are particularly concerned about such things. Otherwise just send the emails as, unless you are attacking me in some manner, I won’t be giving out your personal details.

Bad things happen when good men and women do nothing. Laziness in leadership is corrosive to all of society.

VPD's Princeling Adam Palmer
Corrupt VPD Princeling Adam Palmer, According To The Uniter

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