Canadians Must Become Fierce & Deadly

Canadians Must Become Fierce & Deadly

Canadian Compassion, Our Peaceful Ways Are Being Used Against Us, Must Stop Allowing It, We Must Become Fierce And Deadly

This story from Alberta has The Uniter over the edge now:
Alberta government overrules doctor, refuses COVID antibody testing to prove man had COVID

There is no difference between that and slavery. ZERO.

I favor the killing by law, the Death Penalty for the person(s) at Alberta Health Services who did this denial of reality including Jason Kenney for allowing this denial of basic biology.

The Uniter urges Canadians to start openly calling for the deaths of these people, in public for what they are doing to us, our rights, our bodies, this complete enslavement must be stopped.

A lot of women in power will have to be executed for this as a lesson in what dangers women in power bring. We know a lot of the dangers of men in power, we are only now experiencing the dangers of women in power with this denial of rights, the idea that rights do not matter because she is a woman and she said so, so must be obeyed, appears to be a major problem for some women especially as they grow older.

Your childless leader Provincial Health Services Authority – PHSA has major problems understanding rights of others, wants to treat others like children versus independent thinking adults who can read, for example, Bonnie Henry IS A DRUNK WHO PUSHES THE POISON OF ALCOHOL. OWNS AN ALCOHOL BUSINESS I NOTE. That should be enough to fire her ffs Dix or are you a fellow drunk too, and all your cabinet colleagues the same, not caring about other people while pretending, mewling words that you do? Because you are fucking drunks, love suppressing your central nervous system, making you stupid, miserable so want others to be stupid and miserable like you?

The resentment towards men just grows with them seeking petty vengeance on men for being able to breed forever, be smarter or have more emotional control. Finally they have power and can get revenge on all those bad men who were more able than them. Competing by crippling us.

I note many of these departments attacking biology like College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC are now run by women, who demands doctors not treat patients unless they do it exactly as she says, to censor things, so she needs to be prosecuted under the proposed Act below as well. She should also face the death penalty or forced impoverishment or perhaps a lighter punishment for her actions, for example.

Death is better than to live in this country with these things going on. It is better to die than live now. Sacrifice your life for the future generations. An Act To Prosecute And Penalize Those Who Used The Wuhan Coronavirus To Remove Fundamental Rights And Liberties

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