America showed us The Way

America showed us The Way

There is no other choice but force as they are using force on us. This, ‘let us comply with the police, “getting on trains” bullshit is just extending our oppression, completely worthless! We must act violently to stop this now. The Americans showed us what it takes to remove this type of tyranny from our governing structures. Pleading just makes them more powerful. ATTACK! ATTACK! ATTACK! or Siege them.

When they complain of using accurate nazi symbols to describe what the gov is doing, they are referencing me, and this: That is why they are pissed off at using them so much. OR this video I put up:

I was born in this shithole of a government, but moved to New England as a baby then back here when I was around 7, but into the Plateau Montreal area then, which was/is anti-royal, etc. so very much against this failed governing method. We have no choice, my ancestors to this land fled both the Nazis and the Communists, we must not allow this to continue, siege them for real if nothing else! I will give my life fighting anyone who comes for me, that is the difference between weak Canadian Slaves and myself, sir and/or madam. Sacrifice, fight any thuggish “police” who attempts to take you ,arrest you ,etc,. Fight to your death to stop them. Your sacrifice will be avenged, and the criminals doing this will face Justice:

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