Most Important, Accurate Piece Re:Afghanistan Is Here

Michel Tracey has excellent longform journalism, laying out a steady stream of facts to buttress his clear and obvious conclusions.

Ignore The Fake “Experts” — The Real “Catastrophe” In Afghanistan Was Always The War Itself

Some Excerpts:

“Significantly more money, adjusted for inflation, was spent by US taxpayers on state-building in Afghanistan than was spent on the Marshall Plan to rebuild Europe after World War II. And yet huge sectors of the media, in their pea-brained emotionalistic frenzy, have decided to impart the theory that just another few weeks/months/years of “conditions-based” US military engagement would’ve produced a withdrawal that passed all the requisite tests for nice-looking “optics.”

“In his remarks Monday defending the withdrawal, Biden repeated — as has been well-documented — that he was against the 2009 surge in Afghanistan ordered by Obama and administered by Petraeus. Twelve years later, who looks better in that argument?”

“The narrow outrage on display now about the allegedly “incompetent” execution of the withdrawal reflects a misunderstanding of the entire intervention, which was predicated on “incompetence.” And “incompetence” is an overly-kind word. More like systematic plunder, graft, and propaganda. If the Afghan government could collapse so quickly after billions and billions of dollars were funneled into it over 20 years, why would anyone expect a withdrawal to be carried out with seamless or “competent” precision? If you expected that, it’s safe to assume you’ve indulged in the same fantastical delusions that persisted throughout the whole conflict. ,,,

Biden might be losing his marbles, but at least he made a firm decision to end the war and has stuck with that decision unrepentantly — even as he’s now swarmed by a furious political backlash. That’s more than can be said for his most recent two predecessors, both of whom went against their instincts and prolonged the war at the urging of chronically-wrong military officials — in many cases the same ones now on TV expressing sanctimonious outrage. Just breaking that repetitious cycle is an accomplishment unto itself.”

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